calculations and numerical simulation

FEA / CFD / Dynamics

Our services related are based on numerical simulation: Finite Element Method (FEM), Finite Volume Method (FVM), Implicit and explicit solver...


The computational method provides a mean of modelling and simulating the behaviour of a physical system subjected to various types of phenomenon. 

standards compliance

As we participate to the elaboration of standards, we are able to analyse the behaviour of your system  and check its compliance with the relevant standards.

time & cost savings

Our approach brings you time savings during product development. Digital prototype reduces the Time-to-Market and brings considerable cost benefits. 



Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)



Computational Fluid Dynamics is one of the most widely applied simulation techniques in industry, and with our many years of experience in this field we provide a broad range of CFD analysis expertise.

EXEMPLES: Fluid-structure coupling  / Conjugate Heat transfer (CHT) / Thermohydraulic analysis  / Single-phase laminar / Turbulent flow (with or without heat transfer)  /Reactive flow  



Mechanical analysis



We have extensive experience in structural analysis and cover all phases of development in accordance with the most common design standards (ASME, DIN, RCC-M, RCC-MRx, DVS, EN-13445, Eurocode, etc.). 

EXEMPLES: Static or transient analysis / Coupled structural-CFD analysis / Fatigue / Complex contact  / Nonlinear material models (plasticity and hyperelasticity) / Modal analysis / Spectral analysis (PSD) - random vibration / Mechanical fracture / Buckling

SOFTWARE: ANSYS/Mechanical (WB & Classic)

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Thermomechanical analyses enable us to simulate the interaction between thermal and mechanical behaviour of a structure. Applications of this method include evaluation of the cooling performance of a system, avoidance of creep problems, and investigation of the potential risk of melting, etc. At DAES, we can apply thermomechanical simulation to help you assess the complexity of your system and identify possible improvements in your design. 

EXAMPLES: Analytical calculation / Phase change / Temperature/ Radiation / Forced convection/natural / Conduction / Heat transfer / Thermal deposition


DYNAMIC Analysis



Dynamic, time-dependent effects of mechanical systems are often overlooked. However, experience shows that their impact can be significant. DAES has many years of experience applying finite element methods across various fields of dynamic analysis going from linear analysis (spectral) to highly non-linear (metal forming) using implicit solvers.                                                

EXAMPLES: Modal analysis / Spectral analysis (PSD)

SOFTWARE: ANSYS Mechancil (WB & Classic) 

    Explicit analysis

    Time scale of dynamics phenomena can lead to difficulties using implicit solvers. DAES has many years of experience applying explicit finite element solvers across various fields of dynamic analysis.

    EXAMPLES: Shock / Blast / Fast transient / Penetration
    SOFTWARE: LS Dyna - Autodyn


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