development of advanced engineering solutions


solutions through simulations

digital prototypes for engineering challenges

experts in fluid, structural, thermal and dynamic simulations

fea / cfd / ansys app


high-end simulations

a unique added value

Our knowledge and abilities are acclaimed by our partners and customers. Combining high skills of ANSYS suite with deep and detailed knowledge of the common standards (ASME, DIN, RCC-M, RCC-MRx, DVS, EN-13445, etc.), we are able to understand, anticipate and fulfill our clients' needs.


advanced engineering

support & solutions

Our methodology and approach brings a unique added value to our customers' projects. Thanks to a deep understanding of numerical simulation and theory we are able to provide advanced engineering solutions, and not only results for our customers' complex project.

a successful test tells you NOTHING, a failed test either!

A simulation tells you almost everything!



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Our commitments

The service proposal of DAES was born from an ambition to provide high level simulations supporting the R&D of industrial organisations who wish to deliver continuous innovation within their sector.

a qualified team

DAES is a team of 20 people from leading scientific institutes and renowned industrial groups. Having forged our experience across some of the World's most advanced and prestigious engineering endeavours, we have taken part in many major international projects.